Meeting 2010-02-20

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A great meeting, people were working on/talking about:

  • Arduino based robots
  • Mindstorms robots
  • Ham radio receivers
  • Digital music sequencer
  • Embedded Asterisk on IP04 and Mesh Potato
  • OLPC
  • hacking xlog hand radio logging software
  • Interesting people just hanging out and talking about geeky stuff
  • Learning Python
  • Ham Radio antennas
  • iphone and android apps
  • openstreetmap mapping
  • OLPC as a web cam
  • Travel directions for the Hannover tram system (!)
  • hacking eepcs to accept multiple SD cards
  • great conversation with interesting people
  • hacking web GUIs
  • Hydrogen economies
  • Electric Car Demo
  • OBD-II

We reached the $60/meeting required for rent.  First step required on the road to being financially viable.

Note: David will be out of town from 27 Feb to 16 March inclusive