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Here are the various forms of the Hackerspace Adelaide logo, source files available and encouraged to be hacked. Designed by sighmon with the view that one day it would evolve into a functioning PCB with lights and or buttons.

The font is Helvetica Neue.

Hackerspace is in Helvetica Neue Bold. Adelaide is in Helvetica Neue Roman.

For a logo width of 180mm (the scale I designed it at), the corresponding font size is 53 point, with -48 tracking between letters to tighten it up.

Source files

If you'd like to remix the logo or use it for printing, use the vector files below.

Logo with text:

EPS format - hs-logo.eps

SVG format - hs-logo.svg

PNG 600dpi - 600dpi.png

Here's what the vector art looks like:



For 3D printing

Work in progress.. but here's Pix's version so far:


STL - hs-logo-emboss.stl

SCAD - hs-logo-emboss.scad

The two separate parts:

DXF - hs-logo-base.dxf | hs-logo-detail.dxf

For use on the internet

This is the logo as it appears on our website, rendered at 80% opacity with a light drop shadow.


Logo without text:

PNG (200px transparent) - hs-logo-200px.png

PNG (200px square) - hs-logo-200x200.png

JPEG (200px) - hs-logo-200px.jpg

JPEG (200px square) - hs-logo-200x200.jpg

Or if you'd just like a big square black PNG:

PNG (2000px square) - hs-logo-square-2000px.png

Cut by a CNC

Oh you know, something Pix knocked up in his shed with the Hackerspace CNC.



Some Hackerspace Adelaide promotional material.

A6 flyers imposed on A4 paper size (updated March 2017)

A3 posters: a big logo, description, and A6 flyers (updated March 2017)

Check out the Business cards too.